Teme-Augama Anishnabai Territory August 2017

Over the past three decades I have paddled throughout much of the traditional territory of The Teme-Augama Anishnabai in the Temagami region of Ontario, Canada. I've also had the opportunity to learn a great deal about its environment, history and politics through my work as a documentary filmmaker, historian, print journalist and radio producer. Recently, I was fortunate to be back in the beautiful area with a few paddling mates. Here are some photos from the old growth trails near Shish-Kong and Obabika Lakes, the Nokomis Rocks (Grandmother Grandfather) on Lake Obabika and evening on the northwest arm of Lake Temagami.

Tem17 old growth sun.jpg
Tem17 oldfolks.jpg
Tem 17 NW sunset.jpg