We Have Such Things at Home explores the troubling relationship between Canada and South Africa during the apartheid era. Throughout most of the twentieth century, South African architects of segregation took a keen interest in Canadian "Indian" policy. Then as apartheid foundered in the 1990s, Canadian First Nations and South Africa's new democratic government reached out to one another. 

We Have Such Things at Home
 follows then Manitoba First Nations leader Phil Fontaine on a journey to South Africa that investigates the past and anticipates a brighter future.

Released 1997
Director/producer/writer: James Cullingham
Narrator: Graham Greene
Associate producer: Chris Armstrong
Production Manager: Monica Szenteszky
Executive Producer: Peter Raymont
Director of Photography: Rene Sioui Labelle
Editor: Mike Fuller
Composer: Grier Coppins

Produced in association with Vision TV.
Distribution: VTape