starting fire with gunpowder


Control of the media as a means of Native American self-determination is the topic explored in STARTING FIRE WITH GUNPOWDER.

The program chronicles the origins and achievements of the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC), a model for aboriginal broadcasters the world over. Through documentary, drama, animation, and children's programs, the IBC helps keep Inuit culture and language alive. Its directors and producers make compelling television on ever shrinking budgets. Their story is told by Inuk filmmaker Ann Meekitjuk Hanson who "noticed that the first thing that happens in a revolution is the take-over of the radio and television stations." STARTING FIRE WITH GUNPOWDER examines how Inuit television will play a critical role in the creation of a modern Inuit nation.

1994 Sundance Film Festival

1993 Margaret Mead Film Festival

Directed by William Hansen and David Poisey
Produced by James Cullingham & Peter Raymont

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