Ten years ago a woman was gang raped in a remote village in Pakistan. Unlike many women before her, Mukhtar Mai decided to confront her assailants. She defied the conventional thinking and fought back. She took her battle to the highest courts in Pakistan. Mai became an international figure and now runs schools for children in her native village.

Dishonour Defied is the story of how Mai made a life with courage after the tragedy that befell her. It's also the story of other women and girls struggling for their rights in Pakistan in the wake of the Mai case. This extremely timely film, directed by emerging filmmaker Azra Rashid, deals with the courageous rape survivor Mukhtar Mai and women's rights in Pakistan. 

Produced in association with Seneca College
Directed by - Azra Rashid
Producers - Stacey Johnson James Cullingham
Executive Producer - James Cullingham
Associate Producer & Production Manager - Monica Szenteszky
Associate Producer - Jake Wadland
Written by Azra Rashid & Stacey Johnson
Based on a concept by Azra Rashid & James Cullingham
Narrator - Azra Rashid
Editor - Jessica Anne Cullingham
Supervising Editor & Post Production Supervisor - Igal Hecht
Director of Photography - Adile Cook
Composer - Anwar Khurshid
Post Production Audio - Shawn Sussman

Dishonour Defied was produced with support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund and Seneca College of Toronto.

International Television Distribution: Vtape